Ready to buy a house?? Make a list…

Written by: Jenn Smith

I am that typical type C personality. I list and list and list… most of the time over and over in my head thinking it’s going to stick in there. But in the heat of the moment, before a crazy day with the kids or the at the office leaves your mind going in a million different directions, write those thoughts on paper or in a document on your phone. You’ll thank me later!

With that being said…when you are ready to buy a house- MAKE A LIST! Before you start to look at ANY homes, make a list of your needs, must-haves and wants. Share the list with your realtor to help with your search.

You are going to see quite a few properties and it can leave your head spinning. You might forget some of the things you were looking for in a home in the first place. You’ll get swooped off your feet by the fantastic custom built fireplace, massive foyer or master bath with all of the extras. So do your best to keep your emotions out of it before you make that final decision about a property.

So after you’ve looked at home number twelve and you’re feeling overwhelmed, simply refer back to your list and remember what it is you’re looking for in your next home! Did you really have to have the master bed and bath on the first floor? Does it have the outdoor space you need for your dogs and kids? Drive by the properties you’re interested in before going with your realtor morning, afternoon and/or evening, see what you love about the neighborhood.

Have fun house hunting; it’s not every day you get to shop for a new home!